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Red plum color with plum, cherry blossom, autumn leaves pattern gold leaf (Y02209010)

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      Length chart          

■ Fabric thickness: 3 *1. Ultra-thin 2. Thin 3. Normal 4. Thick 5. Extremely thick Back: Same Features: Pure silk, Crimped crepe

*The gold leaf part is hard, so it is not suitable for knitting.

kimono yarn is
Kimono upcycle yarn made from unused kimono.

Unravel the kimono, sew it together, cut it so that it does not fray,
Yarn is made by hand one by one.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tassels, accessories, accents for crochet works, and wrapping cloth sandals.

In addition, we are exhibiting ["kimono yarn" in various colors and patterns.
The best part about kimonos is that you can mix and match patterns and colors, such as the obi and collar.
By all means, there are various kimono yarns, and please enjoy the combination according to the artist's preference.
I would be happy if you could help me with the original work.

◇About packaging

This is a product that focuses on upcycling.
Instead of throwing things that are no longer used in the trash,
As a new attractive thing upcycled into something nice,
I made it with the thought that I would like to use it for those who need it.

For that reason, we also take into account the packaging so as not to generate unnecessary waste.
I would like to deliver it in a minimal and simple form,
note that.

I would be happy if you could purchase it if you can sympathize with the above.

ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 【Product specifications】
・Width 2.0cm
・Made in Japan (handmade)
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又、注文した中で一目惚れをして『紅梅色に梅・桜・紅葉柄 金箔あり』を購入しました。まだ使っていないので使い心地(ほつれやすい、金箔が硬く製作しづらいなど)はわかりませんが...サーモンピンクにエンボス加工の様なお花が散りばめられており何処を切り取っても可愛いyarnでとっても気に入っております。