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We have received more and more requests to process your kimono into kimono yarn, so we will describe the price and order here.

[Order price (per piece)] 33,000 yen

Price includes

●Washing and unraveling

●Processing into kimono yarn *The length of the yarn that can be obtained varies depending on the size of the kimono and the width to be processed.
In the case of a yarn width of 20mm, you can get about 80m to 200m.

Tamamaki processing: We will process it into a 30m ball and give it to you.

●Shipping fee

[Yarn width]
・It is possible to manufacture from 15 mm in width.

[Things that cannot be processed into kimono yarn]
・Items with embroidery ・Items made of hard fabric such as Yuzen, items with a large difference between hard and soft parts ・Items that are severely degraded (those that can be torn off when pulled)

・Severely deteriorated items may be damaged during processing. Please be aware of this before applying.

* In addition, we may refuse to see the actual product.

[Order flow]
① Please add this to your cart and purchase.

②We will email you within 3 days of your order.

③ Send us the kimono you want to process into yarn.

④ Processing into yarn (approximately 3 months to half a year)

⑤ report of completion.

⑥ Dispatch of yarn.