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Milky white with a hint of cherry blossom pink plain crepe (Y02403019)

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      Length chart          

■ Fabric thickness: 2 ※1. Ultra-thin 2. Thin 3. Normal 4. Thick 5. Extra-thick ■ Lining: Same ■ Features: Pure silk, crepe

Kimono yarn is
This is upcycled kimono yarn made from unused kimonos.

The kimono is unstitched, sewn together, and cut so that it doesn't fray.
Each piece is made into yarn by hand.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tassels, accessories, accents for crocheted projects, and wrapping for making cloth sandals.

We also have "kimono yarn" in a variety of other colors and patterns available.
One of the joys of kimonos is that they can be combined with different patterns and colors, such as the obi and collar, to suit the wearer's personality.
We hope you will enjoy combining the various kimono yarns according to your preferences.
I would be happy if you could use this for your original work.

◇About packaging

This is an upcycled product.
Instead of throwing away things that are no longer in use,
Upcycling them into something wonderful and creating something new and attractive.
I created this with the hope that anyone who needs it can use it.

Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary waste,
We want to deliver it in the simplest possible form,
note that.

I would be happy if those who agree with the above would purchase this product.

--------------------------------------------------【Product Specifications】
Width: 2.0 cm
・Made in Japan (handmade)

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